Perthfur Gathering, 28 March 2009

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J.M., Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:42 pm

Hi everyone

I'm thrilled to give an open invitation to the first ever Perthfur
Gathering, held at the Dianella Scout Hall on Saturday 28 March 2009.
Check out the website for more info:

It costs $10, at the door. That gets you the venue, an ID badge, food
for the day, plus a few other bits and pieces. All drinks, alcoholic
and non-alcoholic, are BYO.

We're there from 1pm to 11pm. You don't need to RSVP but if you do,
you'll get your userpic printed on the ID badge. Drop a line to one
of the three organisers and say "I'm coming!":

Foxronyo - MSN/email [][/url]
Jack - MSN/email [][/url]
JM - MSN/email [][/url]

We'll be making more announcements as we get closer to the day. I
hope to see you there.

Your friendly local houyhnhnm

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J.M., Thu Mar 05, 2009 12:29 am

Hi everyone

A minor venue change - we're moving up the road. The Perthfurs Gathering will be at the Dianella Scout & Guide Hall, Light St Dianella. This hall is a much better location, in a sports complex with lots of parking and a private lawn.

Maps and everything else at:

Your friendly local houyhnhnm

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J.M., Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:06 am

Have we got news about the Gathering (Saturday 28 March, Dianella Scout & Guide Hall, Light St Dianella)? Yes we do.

Before the Gathering:
Pubmeet! (Friday 27 March)
Meet in the front bar at The Court, cnr James & Beaufort Sts Northbridge, Friday from 6pm. The Court is a gay bar but friendly to everyone, including straight couples, at that time of day. It will be very quiet and very relaxed.

If you don't know anyone and would like to stop by, look for me, JM. I have a fair bit of grey hair and there will be a horse on my t-shirt.

At the Gathering
There will be artists with sketchbooks throughout the day, one or two of whom will be taking commissions. If you'd like to bring your sketchbook, please do - there will be plenty of tables and chairs. You are welcome to sell arts and take commissions too.

If you have any special requests, say hello to one of the organisers. We'd love to help.

Midfur XI Preview!
Arctic|Pete and Bastett, Midfur Chairman and Vice Chairman, will both be at the Gathering. They will be showing Kaze Ghost Warrior on DVD, introduced by its creator and Midfur XI Guest of Honour, Timothy Albee.

Over 18 Door Prize!
The door prize, which will be drawn on the night, is a collection of Rabbit Valley's finest. Do not expect subtlety.

Magic @ the Gathering!
Bring your Magic cards for a game or three, organised by Crask. More info at the LJ thread here:

Left 4 Dead LAN!
Bring your desktop, Left 4 Dead and your LAN cable. Kanga is organising a small LAN, with prizes.

Mario Kart DS!
Or bring your DS and Mario Kart for a budget LAN. 8-player racing ahoy.

After the Gathering
Herbivore Luncheon!
Midday Sunday 29 March at Utopia Restaurant, 109 James St Northbridge (upstairs). Organised by JM. Fake meat served in a casual restaurant. (And it's cheap.)

Carnivore Picnic!
3pm Sunday 29 March at the Stirling Civic Gardens, near Stirling Train Station. Bring bbq stuff, snacks and drinks. Organised by Jack.

Hope to see you all at the Gathering.

Your friendly local houyhnhnm

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