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Fima, Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:47 pm

Ladies and Gentlefurs it is my great pleasure to announce DiFFur 2009.

For those in the Proverbial dark let me explain; DiFFur (Dubbo [NSW] in February Furmeet) is a meet that I pulled together last year to get some NSW furs together, visit the zoo, and generally hang out. The reception was great and actually pulled a fur or two out of the works in dubbo, and with the growth and awareness of the fandom has vastly expanded in the last year or so, with the first Australian convention and all, I thought i should make this little shindig annual.

Thus i give you DiFFur 2009; With more organised events, it ensures to be a weekend to remember with a Games night, art jams, a barbeque, Video night, a visit to the acclaimed Western Plains Zoo... and maybe a little karaoke >.> <.<.

The Dates are confirmed as the 20th [Friday] to the 22nd of February and a small goodie bag for every attendee all that's left is to voice your interest, any inquiries can be PM'd to me wherever this entry is posted with specific dates of events to be announced as they are organised

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Vulpyra, Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:36 pm


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Kraden, Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:50 pm


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Treemeadow, Tue Sep 16, 2008 11:10 am


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Fima, Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:30 pm


y'know, sometimes... *sighs* i really hate you guys *headdesks*

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Fima, Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:15 am

Hey guys, just trying to confirm attendees for Diffur so that i can sort out certain details in advance i know of about 6 or so people who are definitely attending but as of yet i've only received one "maybe" email conformation. So please, confirm so i can organise things to go smoother [and who knows, i might be able to wrangle together a few more free accommodations]

Peace, Efimous "Fima" Zhivotnaye

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MistyStriker, Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:59 am

Well, I'm -not- attending. Comes too close to my birthday at the start of Feb for work to even consider giving me leave, for a start.

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CynWolfe, Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:11 pm

awww... but no misty... u.u

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Fima, Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:46 pm

Ok, i've just finalised the schedule for the events and made a very detailed map of everything one needs to know about dubbo and the events of Diffur

The Map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8& ... 2174ed4b9c

The Schedule:
Accommodation if not booked can be researched here: http://www.dubbotourism.com.au/bwWebsit ... ageID=1993
Transport: All transport during the days will be provided by Fima and another driver, but donations are very welcome

Friday 20th

General Meet/Show up 10:00-18:00
Dinner [hog's breath/tavern{depending on budgets}] 18:00-19:30
Video night 19:30pm-Onwards

Saturday 21st

Western Plains Zoo [driving around and visiting the exhibits] 9:00-13:00
Lunch [Depending on taste] + Swim @ 20 bailey st 13:00-14:30
Shoyoen Japanese Garden + Art 14:30-16:30
Explore Dubbo 16:30-18:30
Games Night / Video night 18:30- Onwards

Sunday 22nd
Western Plains Cultural Centre 10:00-11:30
Swim/Bowl/Movie/Etc 11:30- Departure

Any inquiries can be made;
via the website : http://diffur.ausfa.org/
To the email : [url=mailto:Timothy.john.cullen@gmail.com]mailto:Timothy.john.cullen@gmail.com[/url]
Or over the phone: 0401977264 / (02) 6882 0476

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Fima, Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:56 pm

Well Diffur 2009 came to a close on the 22nd and i was fairly happy with the turnout and i'd like to personally thank all of those that attended.

Once again things went mostly to plan, but tbh i think we all enjoyed ourselves, went bowling, shoyoen japanese gardens, did some art and watched some flicks, i'm thinking next time games night might involve poker though, i gots me a hankerin' fer some poker.

Speaking of attendees over a dozen maybes didn't show, i'm seeing a pattern here, so next year the first 3 to apply [and arrive on the day] get kick ass gifts (MFXII Ticket/collectable or utility knives up to $100 retail/ same but less retail value), free lodging for the first 8 or so and kewl little gifts for those who don't get a ticket or a sword, the applications for Diffur 2010 will begin Midnight [the beginning of] the 11th of October (one week post RADFUR).


Peace, Fima

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