Moderator Position Open!

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Moderator Position Open!

Postby Furrhan Blackwood » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:45 am

Furstralia wants YOU to help us out!

Do YOU have what it takes to be a moderator? If so, comment here or send an email to telling us why you'd make a great mod!

What would we like you to do?
  • Ban spam bots if they appear
  • Assist in policy enforcement
  • Help remove duplicate threads created by our software changes in order to tighten the forums
  • Moderate comments on our social media accounts
What will you get in return?
  • A custom rank - YOU get to pick the writing that appears under your name!
  • Your name in GREEN!
  • You get to have input into decisions regarding the future of the forums and our social media sites
  • You get to help pick content to share on our social media sites

    Don't worry if you haven't been a mod before! We can provide any training and tips you need!

    If this sounds like something you're interested in comment here or send an email to telling us why you'd make a great mod!

    We can't wait to hear from you!
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Re: Moderator Position Open!

Postby Faldor » Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:18 pm

Id like to throw my proverbial hat in the ring.
Please forgive the lateness of my reply.

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