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Unknown, Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:05 pm

Hiya since FurDu is on in 24 hours (Omg) just thought to drop some tips and info, i found around the place and on facebook. ^u^

*First off with any con with all the events on and running around please don't forget the 2-6-1 rule.
(Especially when fursuiting)

2 meals per day.
6 hours of sleep per night.
1 shower per day.

*Arriving and Parking.
As per earlier announcement, FurDU has a special rate for parking at the hotel. To obtain parking at $8 a night you must check in first and notify them you wish to park... You're more than welcome to pull into the driveway, unload your stuff and check in.. get your discounted parking ticket then drive into the carpark. If you don't check in first and notify the staff, you will be charged the full rate of $15 a day.

*Non Registered Members - Day Passes are $30 or full weekend for $90. These can be purchased on friday at the rego desk or during the rest of the weekend at our badge checking (which is also the rego desk)

*Rego'ed Members - All you will need is Your furname (so we can find you) and a form of ID so we can make sure we are giving the right person the right badge
Badges - You'll need em on you to get in to the conspace! If you lose yours, contact a friendly con-staff who will definately not murder you and send your new badge to your next of kin.

*Schedule - Not everything makes the final print! Make sure you check your handy revised schedule in your conbag... If you are unsure as to what's going on, a bunch of em will be blu-tacked about the place!
Room layout

Prices for Bowling!
Set price 1 game $13
Set price 2 games $22

On 2pm sunday.

You can BYO drinks! (grog included) but remember to have ID if you intend on it.
Event is fursuit friendly but please understand that there is NO CHANGE AREA. The only available/private space is a public toilet which is less than clean at the best of time. Please consider your options with this.

*Drinks -
Just a reminder we have a wetbar located in our chill out area.
Prices have been quoted to us as follows.
Cartlon Mid : $6 a bottle
Cascade Light : $5.5 a bottle
Cascade Premium : $8.5 a bottle
VB/Catpiss : $7 a bottle

Red and White Wine by the glass from $6
House spirits from $7.50 a glass
Puree'ed kitten juice by request

Soft Drinks are $3.5 a can
Juice per glass is $4

It is requested of us that only alcohol purchased from the wetbar can be consumed in the function area.

(For those on a budget and want to drink at room parties, I would suggest to take advantage of the BWS located across the road from the venue and a coles 5 mins walk away for soft drinks and stuff!)

(There's also a Vintage Cellars around the corner too, and they usually have a good collection of amayyyyzing beers etc. if you're looking for something out of the ordinary!)

So yeah, if your on a budget buy some cheap drinks and consume them in your hotel room. ^_^

*External Events - All the external events take place outside! Please be in the "Chill out area" by the meeting sign no later than 5 minutes before the event for a prompt departure! Our lovely external event operators have been given strict instruction to leave at allocated times.

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