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Unknown, Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:16 pm

We are pleased to announce that our full website is live!

► www.furdu.com

The first stage of our full site is now ready. We’ve developed a platform

to showcase, organise and collaborate for the 2015 convention. Head

on in for a tyrannic wealth of information!

In tonight’s news:






▬▬ Sponsor Open: Get in fast! ▬▬

Last year we were humbled and amazed as Sponsorship filled out in a

matter of days, It means the (lost) world to us that you guys are so keen

to support FurDU and shape your experience. Sponsorship returns and

again it's limited, this time to 150 places with great stuff unlocking as

more people get onboard. Our First 4 tiers are revealed, the rest will

unlock as they are reached. Don't miss out. Get yours today! Folks already rego'ed can log in and upgrade now! (check your email if you dont have your password)

▬▬ Special Guests ▬▬

FurDU loves to celebrate local talent, and the enrichment they bring to

our community through their skill and service. We are pleased to

announce Jay Stoat as our first special guest of 2015. Jay runs the Jaffa

Books publishing company and is an author by trade, having so far

released two epic fantasy novels under the name J.F.R. Coates, with

more on the way!

What would a Jurassic Safari be without a T-Rex Enclosure?! We are

pleased to announce Macroceli, the massive gluttonous tyrannosaur as

our second special guest. Macroceli is an Illustrator by trade, working

from his home in Chicago, USA. His talents are as remarkable and

unique as his giant fat character and will be a great addition to the

Jurassic Safari!

▬▬ FurDU welcomes newest crew member: Vurt ▬▬

Last year we were honoured to celebrate Vurt as a special guest in the

world of tomorrow; now in the world of today we return to celebrate as

he joins us as our 6th member of the FurDU crew. He and Snooper are

responsible for this stunning, gorgeous website you see before you.

▬▬ Dealer tables now available: Interested in dealing at FurDU? ▬▬

We’re keeping Dealers Den registration costs as low as possible this

year. It’s our philosophy that creatives and sellers alike are an attraction

of their own and if you’re ready to showcase your craft, we’d like to

facilitate that. With this in mind, a single table this year will cost you

only $10 and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Check

out the website for how to get your table.

▬▬ Age restrictions: Want to attend FurDU but under 18? ▬▬

In previous years our strict 18+ policy restricted unaccompanied minors

from attending FurDU. We had heaps of positive feedback with people

quite happy to step up and act as legal guardians, blue card holders and

parents happy to see their young-ins attend our convention. With that

growth are we pleased to announce that a system will soon become

available to cater for approved people ages 15-18. Want to come to

FurDU and under 18? contact us at furrydownunder@gmail.com for

permission form and guidelines.


We've only scratched the surface of the dig/website. Take a look around

and see what else you can uncover at FurDU 2015: Jurassic Safari.

-The FurDU crew.

Unknown, Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:42 am

This is wonderful to see.

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