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2017 Memories

Posted: Sat May 13, 2017 5:57 pm
by Catprog
My traditional Furdu Memories post.

Doctor appointment Friday morning.
Traditional pie lunch(The cyclone did not kill the pie shop)
Back to mini golf(Fluke hole in one on one of the hardest holes to hole in 1.)
Running my first panel(Which went completely off track but they still enjoyed. Also slight disorganization with getting set-up )
Friday Night Furry(Donald trump #1: celebrate heads , 3 questions. One of which was " Am I Donald Trump)
(Coming up "What is rivfur" for both answers in reverse Jepodary)
(Perfectly acted "peeping through the window))
Traditional Furdu Friday Dinner and market walk.

Tales from the con. (Hearing about the conventions, including the first rivfur con. Alos: So what is furry: Um)
Writing panel (Ideas for a story about a Kessler syndrome)
Up to the room(toilet broken), down to reception, up to room(toilet is fixed), down to con space. (In a half an hour)
Fursuit walk
Charades (Donald trump #2: with the wig)
Cocktail party. (saying hello to all the sponsers)

Losing in the first round again. (Not knowing how to move is not a good thing)
(Winning a game on Rivals of Aether)
Hearing about a new story
Bad memory: Having a short time on the maker meet
Time zone koalas at the auction. (And placing a bid on an item) (Also the crazy shirt giveaway)
$5 Fish&Chips + Cold Rock(Strong Jaw muscles are a good thing)

The waiters were very quick to clear the table at breakfast.

The menus on floor 9 of the fire escape.