Furjam Badge Slots.

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mikio, Thu Aug 16, 2012 7:13 pm

10 slots are now available for $20 furjam* badges.

What you get:
Badges will be traditionally coloured; primarily with copic markers.
They will be double laminated for strength and a lanyard will be provided.
As a furjam bonus, you will also receive a name badge (a small badge that features only your name)


When will I get my badge?
Badges will be received at Furjam but postage can be arranged for an additional fee.

How do I pay?
Payments will be processed via PayPal, but other methods may be arranged. Paypal address will be sent privately.

How do I order?
Send me an email/note/message with subject "Furjam badges" to, I prefer a note on FA:
Email: thedwar[at]Gmail.com
On furaffinity: http://WWW.furaffinity.net/user/mikio

*please tell me if you do not want 'Furjam' written on the badge.

Note: I am currently in my final weeks on my semester, So i might be a tad delayed.

Currently 4 slots left.


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Sebastian, Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:08 pm

Hell yeah! I'll send you an E-mail now. :whowl:

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mikio, Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:10 am

Hell yeah! I'll send you an E-mail now. :whowl:[/quote]
Woot Woot!!

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