Thankyou everyone! (furjam 2012 last post)

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Foxdale, Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:48 pm

Dearest Ladyfurs and gentlemurs, friends, fuzzies, hoomans and hybrids. Another awesome furjam has become history. As i return to my normal hooman life i remember first the amazing time we all had. But it could not have happened without all of the hard working people who put in a lot of effort.

So with Furjam 2012's last post i want to start with thanking everyone who came! It was already said on another thread on here that at Furjam 2005, something like 15 people attended. This year a record of around 120 furries squished into the ESLC on Saturday night (so proud). As the old saying goes: The more, the merrier! And an extra thanks to the furs that travelled really far to come! Because without anyone, well, it would have been a stinker of a party haha.

But of course Furjam this year couldn't have happened with out the hard work put in by a few people. Because Furjam is community run, alot of the people put down their own time and money for all of furjam to run smoothly and more fun. So a special thanks to Kat and Enigma for bringing the bbq everything they have done! Another special thanks to Flay who as always puts in tonnes of effort doing as much as he can. Again to stripes tiger for bringing lots of drinks, snacks and a big gazebo. A massive thankyou to Husky, Darken and Mosky for putting on the lights, sound and dance entertainment. A thankyou to Ranger for helping out with some organisation, and awesome crew badges. A thankyou to Ivy for the furjam poster. To the people that donation garbages bags/plates and to the other person that donated tonnes of paper and pencils for the artcomp. Hopefully i haven't forgotten anyone, but if you helped, then i love you and give yourself a pat on the back! XD

So in review, furjam this year was very successful with so many furries turning out in numbers and having a great time. A fierce artcomp and poker tournament was had. The raffle was again successful. The fursuit photo and disco was amazing, and all round furjam was awesome. And as a bonus, we finished up in the plus and not in the minus, financially. YAY! XD

I got lots of positive feedback, and some negative. But if you want to leave more feedback or if you have ideas for next year Or just want to leave a comment please feel free to post below or email us at [][/url]

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Sebastian, Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:31 pm

What YOU said + Furjam 2012 was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! :wgrinn: :wgrinn: :wgrinn:

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Burke_a_lot, Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:50 pm

Yea yea! So worth the trip!

Will be looking forward to seeing the new venues!

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AussieHusky, Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:15 pm

thankyou to Flay for awesome brownies o.o

Great work by everyone! you guys put on an awesome weekend!

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