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~FurJam 2013 Feedback Thread~

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:31 pm
by KatAclysm
~FurJam Feedback Thread~

So FurJam 2013 has been and gone! And wow, what an awesome weekend. I was running around a bit, but not too much. I even got to do some suiting, yay! But feedback would be handy. What did you like this year? What didn't you like this year?

Known Things we need for 2014:-

- More fans for the dance-night.
- Announce it earlier next year.
- Probably another Changing Gazebo for the park.

If you have any other suggestions, we'd love to hear them! Help us help you help us all!
~ K

Note: Constructive critique welcome too. X-posted to the Facebook group. You can post comments here or there, we'll read them all!

~FurJam 2013 Feedback Thread~

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:49 pm
by Sebastian
1) Check the train trackwork schedule before choosing the weekend - Sydney Trains (formerly known as Cityrail) usually provide notice 6 months in advance (subject to change of course). The bus driver on the way to the park tried to injure me by stopping suddenly when I was lifting my fursuit case into the aisle.
2) Sandbags or bricks to hold down the gazebo - it tried to fly several times.
3) Two gazebos would be great
4) Maybe a sign to warn when the gazebo is occupied by a particular gender - avoid males walking in on half-dressed females & vice versa (we don't usually have enough female suiters to dedicate a whole gazebo, although that could change).
5) For the group photo, something for those of us in the back row to stand on so we can be seen. I'm probably not even going to be in the photos this year because the furs either side of me kept moving around and squeezing me out of the way (I'm sure they weren't doing so deliberately though).
6) Take care with props in the group photo. The guy's flag was dangling across in front of us during part of the shoot.
7) Maybe an eski for stuff that needs to be kept cool and out of the sun? The ice pool was a good idea for the drinks, but it would be helpful to also have a cooler that can be closed up. The dietary food I bought was verging on mushy, as I anticipated.
8) Finding the way to the BBQ area from the railway station was a little bit tricky. Maybe make up some laminated signs to point the general direction? We had newbies attending, and I'd never been to the park either myself. Rather than having "Furjam this way" maybe just a furjam symbol plus an arrow on the signs?

I might add more ideas later.

Many thanks to Stripes Tiger for the gazebo, and to everyone else

~FurJam 2013 Feedback Thread~

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:09 pm
by KatAclysm
Squee! I do love well thought out things. Thank you for taking the time to write all that! I'll respond to each one.

1) That one was some bad luck indeed. Trackwork was announced after the dates had been booked and locked in (and paid for). Like the election, that stuff is just kinda random and we're at the mercy of the Election/Railway God on that one. Boo to them!

2) Will see what we can get done on this one, but FJ is getting to a point now where extra stuff each year is just not going to fit into Enigma's car. May have to shout out to the community next year for this one, or something. Or buy a trailer for my car. Definitely something to ponder. We do need it though, as we're not allowed to nail tent pegs into the ground to secure the gazebos.

3) Oh gosh - this one's a definite! Going to find proper privacy walls for the second Gazebo some time soon over the summer season - it really needs them.

4) At the moment I can't see us being big enough to warrant a seperate gender gazebo each, and if this happened, there could be some grumbling because there are less female suiters than male suiters. But I see what you mean here. I didn't see any naked people this FurJam, but I have in previous Jams (oh god). However, compression gear is becoming more affordable, and suiters seem to like buying it because it genuinely works and everyone likes suiting longer! Compression also saves our eyes from nakedness. Everyone wins - Horray!

5) The group photo location was partly my call, partly Foxdale's and partly Hendikins'. Hendi couldn't photograph us in direct sunlight because it makes white fursuits light up and glow white like radioactive lab animals. We also have the issue of putting suiters in direct sun for too long, because it will just fatigue them (I had to bail early at FurDu's fursuit walk on the beach because of this reason). The location was good but the placement of suiters was a bit random because we let them file in any way they wanted. Next year I'll pop my head off or something and go full momma-mode on squashing people in. We could have easily gotten in another line, maybe of people on their knees. But sadly, organising suiters like that is always going to be a bit like herding cats.

6) Yeah that was a bit unfortunate. It was windy which was good for the suiters (fresh air cools us all down), but bad for the flag fluttering around! I'm almost keen to say "no props" next year, except maybe have two tall suiters hold up a big FurJam banner across the back of the the back row.

7) We definitely had eskies in use already (one was storing most of the sausages), but we could definitely bring more of them in future years. Enigma has a huge one that just wouldn't fit in the car this year. Gah, getting a bull-bar fitted on my car and buying that trailer is looking like more and more of a good idea!

8) This one is a bit tricky! Randomly posting up information signs is a good thing and a bad thing. Unfortunately it can attract inquisitive random members of the public (which we don't really want). Some parks are also quite strict on bill-posters. As we're not actually a registered event at this point (FurJam's Saturday BBQ is still allowed to be called a private party), that's a bit of a crossroad I'm afraid. Hmm. This is a tricky one indeed, neh? Maybe a written set of on-foot directions/instructions for next year put up on the website as a PDF that people can download and print off?

Lemme know what you think.

~FurJam 2013 Feedback Thread~

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:21 pm
by Vel
Maybe just have someone stand around for an hour or so?

~FurJam 2013 Feedback Thread~

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 7:12 pm
by Sebastian
I'm going to need to be careful using the iPhone as a moderator. I'm on an old K-Set train that's bumping around and I hit the delete URL when I was trying to quote Vel's post. Fortunately the site gives a warning.
Maybe just have someone stand around for an hour or so?[/quote]Are you volunteering? :P

Busy, busy foxaroo this week. I've hardly had a chance to sit at my computer. I'm almost home, so I'll try to catch up on posts tonigh, including the above.

EDIT: 9:41pm
I finally got home and my internet wasn't working until now. It's been one of those weeks.

2. Rent a van maybe? The wind catching the gazebo was a serious problem - it almost flipped right over on at least two occasions, but thankfully nearby furs were able to stop it. If sandbags are too big then maybe some weights like the kind used at gyms? Only problem there is that barefoot furs might stub their toes on them.

4. What's compression gear?

5. Hearding Kats? :D

6. A Furjam Banner would be good, although photo editing could achieve the same effect.

8. Use purple ribbons perhaps? (Purple being the official furjam colour) Tie them to tree branches pointing in the direction of the meet? However I think your suggestion is probably better; foot descriptions particularly if there are recognisable landmarks.

~FurJam 2013 Feedback Thread~

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:41 am
by KatAclysm
2) Renting isn't really a viable option at the moment. FurJam barely breaks even every year as is, hiring a van would add another $200 ~ $600 to that. It's actually more economical for me to outright purchase a bullbar + trailer for my own use than anything else.

4) Runner's compression gear is an amazing type of clothing that flattens all your body hair and wicks your sweat away, thus keeping you cooler. It's used for running marathons. Bike riders also get success out of using it. A lot of furries use it under their suits now: ... 399-75.jpg

Huge warning: It can be expensive. My top cost me $110 and my pants cost me $65.

5) Fortunately there's only one of me and I don't need herding. =3

6) Eh I kinda like something they can hold. Getting a FurJam banner made up can also give us another identifying thing to hang up so people can find us.

8) While a good idea, I fear the ribbon can either be removed, or people won't know where the next one goes...

~FurJam 2013 Feedback Thread~

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:39 pm
by KaiAdin
With the Fursuit photo, maybe you could line people up by the height like School photos, and those that want to go to the front/crouch/lie down get shunted to the front of the line... might take a bit longer for prep time, maybe if there was some sort of fursuit photoshoot wranglers?

As for getting lost in the park.. yea I nearly had the same problem (my ipad and 3g was a godsend) though the map with the circled location was posted in the main FB group which got buried under a ton of "I'm going/I'm here posts". It would have been nice to have it posted on the event page as well!

On that note... maybe some sort of 'Social media' dude? to at least wrangle the multiple kida social media accounts, posting details/changes and such (I could volunteer for that!)

ooo In addition, the Sunday Pub venue was awesome, I kinda liked the intimacy and such of the rooms, worked well for the closing stuff!

~FurJam 2013 Feedback Thread~

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:54 pm
by Talinart
As someone who came by car, I found the parking at the park meet and the bowling club to be great. Google did trip up when it suggested that the FedEx office was a parking lot for the park, but that is not your fault. Kudos on your venue selection.

As an attendee who could not access the event Facebook page, I would like to take the opportunity to note that the map and all the venue information were easily accessible on the event's website - thank you for keeping that up to date for luddites like me.

One last point - I must admit I was a little apprehensive when I first arrived at the night event and saw that we didn't have a private function room at the bowling club. However, my fears were allayed as the evening got started and I think the party at the bowlo was very successful. I particularly enjoyed having access to a pool table and arcade machines, which I find to be a great way to socialise.

My thanks go to Foxdale, Kat, Enigma, and everyone else who I have missed who were on this year's FurJam organising committee, as well as to everyone else who played a part in making the event a success.

~FurJam 2013 Feedback Thread~

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:29 pm
by KaiAdin
ooo In addition, the Sunday Pub venue was awesome, I kinda liked the intimacy and such of the rooms, worked well for the closing stuff!

As an attendee who could not access the event Facebook page, I would like to take the opportunity to note that the map and all the venue information were easily accessible on the event's website - thank you for keeping that up to date for luddites like me.

Thinking about that now.. that would have been a better idea! XD