MixedCandy at ConFurgence!

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Treemeadow, Tue May 07, 2013 7:15 pm

Wow! It's May already! Things are really starting to get rolling here at CFg Headquarters.

Say...speaking of "head quarters" have you seen some of that AMAZING MixedCandy Fursuit work?

Latin Vixen produces some of the highest caliber fursuits in this entire fandom! You've all seen her work. Every convention or meet with fursuits present- all feature one if not many of her sublime creations! We all drool over them, it's real eye candy with precision handiwork!

Take a look at some of her amazing stuff:
http://latinvixen.phpwebhosting.com/mix ... candy.html

So, you may have seen her fursuits- but have you ever met Latin Vixen, of Mixed-Candy *herself*?


Would you *like* to?

Because we have news for you!

ConFurgence is absolutely ELATED to announce Latin Vixen of Mixed Candy as a Guest of Honour for ConFurgence 2014!

Oh yeah, that's right- you will have the opportunity to meet the actual creator of some of our fandom's greatest creations. Talk fursuits, talk design, talk construction!

Speaking of construction-

Our annual Tails and Ears panel is always a raging success- we'll be opening a special registration page soon for those who want to pre-enroll. This panel allows you - the attendee- to build your OWN ears and tails, under the guidance of experienced fursuit makers. This event costs $20 extra (for materials, plus $5 eventarc surcharge) and you walk away with your very own unique set of ears and tails to wear for the rest of the con!

To sign up, follow this link:
https://register.eventarc.com/16055/tai ... ian-nights

We at ConFurgence are SO UTTERLY thrilled to be welcoming Latin Vixen on her first furry appearance downunder! Come along and don't miss this chance of a furry lifetime!

ConFurgence 2014: Egyptian Nights

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FoxTailedCritter, Tue May 07, 2013 8:21 pm

I hope to attend again this year with Keio wulf.
I love Melbourne, Rooming with Keio, And I love Midfu- I mean ConFurgence. ~u^
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