Confurgence 2014 schedule of events is up.

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Spi Cybershark, Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:39 pm

Typical disclaimer: I'm not anyone officially AusFanCons, but I'm not sure they bother with Furstralia since they get no response to anything anymore. At least you see this once and not ten times shared like on Facebook. :)

Anyway, the schedule for Confurgence 2014, "Egyptian Nights", got put up tonight.

That link gives you PDFs of the daily schedule, as well as details of the EventBase mobile app (can't remember if it's the same app as last year's) if you want to download the sched beforehand.
Of course, always subject to late changes.

If you're wondering where 101, 102, etc are, grab this PDF: ... n2013.ashx
It'll be up in one of the corners on the first floor of the convention centre (sorry, not in the big plenary hall), except for the super sponsor dinner which will be on the second floor.

Worth reading when interpreting the map and timetable:
- Rooms 105/106 will be joined together to be the main theatre, and will also hold the largest of the panels (capacity close to 500),
- Rooms 103 and 104 will both be medium-sized panel rooms (theatre seating capacity of 130),
- Rooms 101 and 102 will both be small-sized panel rooms (theatre capacity of 60).
- Rooms 107 and 108 are the fursuit lounges and about as large as 101 and 102 (so combined about 135 sq m of floor space - they aren't combined unfortunately).
- The foyer in that corner looks like it'll be used for the dances, but I wouldn't be surprised if the back corner of it (closest to 101) is where they'll put the dealer's den and art show, seeing they weren't given a room. It's quite a big space, after all.

So basically you'll have a choice of up to 5 panels on at once; 40+ events over the three days. Some will see it somewhat of a trade-off - more people will have the chance to not have a hole in their schedule, while others will complain that they now can't see all they want. Can't win either way, so leave it be. :)

I did walk over to see the space the day after the last MiDfur (they had a...Salvos? conference there, so the first floor was open), so can semi-help with venue layout questions, but any questions, best to ask the usual suspects; info and social media on ther web site.

That's all. :)
~ Spi

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Spi Cybershark, Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:50 pm

And normally I'd say "hope to see you guys there", but alas I can't (rather than don't/won't) go, so anyone who is going, have a poke at it, and hope you have a good time :)

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