Day passes for Confurgence '14 are now available.

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Unknown, Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:07 am

Hi folks,

Just a small heads-up/signal boost/whatever - if you can't go for all three days but was planning to get to one day or the weekend, Confurgence released their day passes on Sunday (to coincide with "2 months to go" it seems).

$35 per day + booking fee, from the usual rego page. I wouldn't be trusting the rego close dates on that booking page, it's more likely to cut off one or two weeks prior to the con.

If there's any capacity left they'll probably do stuff at the door, but there's no guarantee of that obviously. So "book now to avoid disappointment" (as they say in the classics), and to save a few bucks as at-the-door is usually ~$5/day more expensive.

That's all. :)

~ Spi

[NB: I'm not officially anyone AusFanCons so don't come bashing me about it. Ta.]

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