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Confurgence 2015 - Travel Brisbane to Melbourne

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 10:51 am
by Marcwolf
Hi Folks
I'll be driving down and back to Confurgence 2015 from Brisbane to Melbourne and back.

It looks like I'll have room for a passenger in my car. Preferably one who can drive (to help split the driving load) and one who can contribute to petrol/stopovers.

Dates still uncertain but it prob be a couple of days before Confurgence to arrive on the day/night before the event, and then leaving on the day after to return to Brisbane.

Usually I do a stopover in Dubbo on the way down. On the way back I have done it in one go.

I can take a couple of bags - however I am already transporting a several fursuits and items to sell.

Let me know if anyone s interested.