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Foxy_Malone, Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:28 pm

ConFurgence is proud to announce our Charity for 2016!

Following the saddening and untimely passing of our dear friend at the AAustralian Dingo FoundationPeter Watson earlier this year, we have decided to show our continual support to our wonderful family at the Australian Dingo Foundation, and in particular, a new project that was very near and dear to Peter Watson's heart.

Peter's wife Lyn Watson will again be in attendance, as will the rest of the team from ADF. We are continuing discussion with Lyn about the possibility of having dingo pups at the convention for people to have photos taken, for a small donation to this project.

In honour of Peter, we will also be establishing a new award, which will be awarded this coming year, and every year at ConFurgence.

The inaugural Peter Watson award for Contributions to Australian wildlife will be a nomination based award, recognising exceptional contributions by Animal rescue individuals as voted by Our Chairman, FurWAG Chair Flye, Lyn Watson, and 2 additional representatives from local charities. The award will be open for nominations by charities around Australia who wish to honour individuals within their organisation, with the panel making a final decision on the recipient.

We are thrilled to once again welcome back our beautiful and highly dedicated family from the Australian Dingo Foundation, and hope that your kindness and continuing support will make a difference yet again.

Keep reading for more information about the specific project we are supporting, and don't forget to give generously at ConFurgence: Gods of Olympus

***The Project***

Aus Eco Solutions, Australian Dingo Foundation and Mt Rothwell have just announced a collective conservation program. It's a Victorian first approach to creating a sustainable and balanced native ecosystem and will pave the way for conservation and research projects Australia wide. We are taking an innovative and fresh approach that is based on scientific evidence to restore native reserves.

An enclosure has been built at Mt Rothwell for a breeding pair of pure-bred dingoes and their four newly born pups who have just opened their eyes to explore their new environment. Dingoes are territorial animals and protect it once identified just after birth. We will work towards developing these dingo pups to grow up as leaders and ambassadors for future management techniques. In hope to finally reverse damaging impacts on ecosystems which are lacking the presence of an apex predator.

***How ?***
We are bringing dingoes back, Australia’s terrestrial apex predator into nature reserves to boost ecosystem diversity by;

Naturally suppressing pest animals
Increasing native vegetation regeneration by suppressing rabbit populations
Benefiting native fauna by providing a 24/7 cat and fox prevention service
Completing working ecosystemsThe Australian Dingo is a native animal loved by many and recently there has been a marked increase in public and scientific communities’ recognition of the role of dingoes in the environment and the need to protect dingoes in Australia.

Scientific communities have acknowledged the dingoes role as an apex predator, specifically by suppressing destructive impacts caused by pest species such as foxes, cats and rabbits on native wildlife and vegetation.

With native populations dwindling and on the road to extinction, ecologists have been calling for a dingo re-introduction for some time. This trial will assist us to determine exactly how important dingoes are to Australia's ecosystem.

***Your Contribution***
Donations will contribute to additional fencing and enclosure materials, food supplies, vets, vaccinations and to fund research.

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