FurWAG: The Cure for Post-Con Depression!

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Unknown, Wed May 01, 2013 8:01 pm

Avast ye, furries and future FurWAG voyagers! Word from the ship's doctor is that some of you sea dogs and sea cats have recently come down with a case o' the old post-con delirium! Not even the captain and his officers could escape its timber-shivverin' clutches! And, it's true, thar be a while between now and the next opportunity for swag and plunderin' in Australian waters...

...but don't despair, landlubbers! We've got the cure for your post-con woes - FurWAG: The Maiden Voyage is now less than 8-score (or, if you prefer, 160) days away! For those of you who haven't caught wind of us in your sails yet, FurWAG is a swashbuckling, pillaging, buccaneering furry event taking place between October 4th and 6th of this year, at the Rendezvous Studio Hotel in Perth, Western Australia! Registrations are open and all hands (not to mention paws, talons, flippers and hooves) are on-deck for 3 days of anthropomorphic awesomeness!

We've had a huge amount of interest in our convention since we announced it at the start of the year, and we wanted to take this opportunity to give our heart-felt thanks to everyone who has registered so far - your support for our premiere event fuels us with all the furious pirate energy we need to make FurWAG the very best it can be! Even though registrations will be available right up until the event, now is the best time to register for FurWAG in order to:

Secure your hotel booking (let's fill this hotel with furries, not mundanes!)
Enjoy the benefits of a sponsor registration (before they run out!)
Score a free gift by being one of the first 100 to register (because you deserve it for being awesome!)

If you're in Western Australia, keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a special FurWAG BBQ where you'll be able to get to know us (the crew), enjoy lunch and meet other furries in Perth. We'll be accepting registrations at the barbecue and this is one of the few opportunities that exist to pay your rego in cash (if that's your preference).

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you're still pumped from your last furry con, seething with envy because you couldn't go, or if you've never been to one before - FurWAG is the cure to what ails ya! Head on over to Twitter | Google+ |

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