FurWAG June Update!

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Unknown, Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:18 am

Avast ye, furries! It's time for another update from Western Australia's newest furry event, FurWAG!

We're proud to announce that our recent charity fundraiser BBQ was a resounding success! Turnout was excellent, with over 65 people attending - and were able to raise just over $250 for our charity, new YouTube channel so you don't miss when it's posted.

Many people took advantage of the opportunity to register for the convention as well - in fact, we had so much interest that we are now officially sold out of sponsor registrations! If you missed out, don't worry, standard registrations are still available all the way up until (and during) the event - though there are benefits to locking in your registration (and hotel booking) early. Register as a dealer and reserve your table now!

We are also pleased to announce that FurWAG will have a second guest of honour! EngineFace (aka Filthhigh) - furry artist and cosplayer extraordinaire - joins Paul Kidd to complete our line-up of homegrown fursonalities. EngineFace is a veteran in the art community, known for her work in traditional mediums. She has also expanded into the world of cosplay and fursuiting, recently competing in the Waicon cosplay competition. You can read more about our register for FurWAG: The Maiden Voyage - October 4-6, 2013 at the Rendezvous Studio Hotel, Perth, WA. Until next time, seadogs and landlubbin' furry critters!

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