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FurWAG 2015 - Mobile schedule release and con tickets

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:54 am
by DingoWolfAU
Evening fuzzies!
We have two small announcements today:
Firstly, Our web witches have been busily adding pinches of dragon's tongue and dashes of crow's foot to the Eventbase cauldron.
After a bit of experimentation, it would seem we have brewed a mobile schedule!
You can now view our full schedule of panels, workshops and events in Eventbase. Simply download the app and search for "FurWAG 2015". It's as simple as that!
We would also like to remind those who missed out on buying their registration in advance that we will be selling both day passes and full registrations at the door at FurWAG. Day passes will be $45 per day, while a full registration will be $100.
See you soon monsters!