A Very Furry Halloween 2013: Vampires vs Zombies!

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Treemeadow, Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:10 pm


DId you hear that!?

(of course not, it's text)

It's the sound of zombies, converging in on Melbourne for A Very Furry Halloween: Vampires vs Zombies!, this October 25th-27th!

Yes, boos and ghouls, Halloween is almost upon us, and as all good Aussie's do- ANY EXCUSE FOR A PARTY, EH?

But this is more than just a party- this is a full weekend meet with all the trimmings!

Beginning with dinner at La Porchetta (Sth Yarra) the amazing venue of last year's event, we'll be treated to a delicious pizza and pasta smorgasboard! Our group booking filled up the entire upper level last year, let's beat the record!

On the 26th, you can join us on a coffee and sightseeing tour of Melbourne! It's up to you!

The highlight of the weekend is the Hotel and Dance Party on the 26th.
Hosted at the stunning Rendevous Grand Hotel, we will have an entire dance room AND our own foyer space- so don't worry if you're not into dance parties and loud music, there's still plenty of space to hang out! The theme is Vampires vs Zombies, so pick a side and show us who is the best dressed on the night!

Think that sounds amazing?

It's not over yet-

The 27th will see the regular Art Meet combined with the thing we all love- FOOD!
A BBQ Art Jam held at Birrarung Marr from 12pm (plenty of time to recover from the night before).

Check out http://www.furryhalloween.com/ and register today, or you will regret it

Forrrrr annn eeetteerrrrrnnniiittttyyy *oooooohhh*
(OK OK, enough with the cheesy ghost gimmick :p)


A Very Furry Halloween
October 25-27, 2013. Melbourne, Victoria.
Australian Fandom Conventions

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CuriousDragon, Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:01 pm

Just when I happen to run out of money, everything happens XC

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Spi Cybershark, Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:42 am

Just a note that there have been changes to this event since this was written. Lovely resident dragon Moskintia (and partner Parinath) have dropped in to run it; you may have seen Moski doing the DJ'ing at FurJam if you were in Sydney last month. :)

It's still the same weekend, October 25-27. ie. it starts Friday week!

* Dinner at La Porchetta South Yarra is still on (7pm). $25+bf*, pre-booking required, and there's obviously a limit as to how many they can fit.
* After-dinner meet up (about 9.30pm onwards) is at the Arcadia Hotel in South Yarra. I suspect it's a free-for-all, but just checking that personally now.
From South Yarra Station to La Porchetta is a 250m walk, and the Arcadia is another 250m in the same direction, on the corner of Toorak and Punt Roads.

* No idea what is happening with the coffee and sightseeing tour. It was originally scheduled for 10.30am departing from Federation Square. It could still be on but I suspect it's no longer part of the official event.
* Dance Party has been moved and made cheaper - presumably they couldn't convince enough to make it viable in the city.
New venue: Cheltenham Presbyterian Church (8 Park St), it's pretty much a drop-punt from Cheltenham station (Frankston line), and it's now only $10+bf*. It's alcohol-free, but softies+nibbles will be available for purchase. Runs 7pm until 11.30pm. There's a limit of 60 tickets for this.

Sunday is still the same - BBQ and art jam at the Birrarung Marr in the city (from roughly 12pm). $5+bf*. Pre-booking required if you want to be fed.

Tickets are at http://furryhalloween.eventbrite.com.au/.
There is also a T-shirt by Tani Da Real, http://www.couchdingo.com/product-p/fh01.htm ($30 + postage, pick-up will be available apparently too)

* Booking fees for each event are $1.something each. Just a tip - if you're going to all three, buy the full event ticket (for $40) and you'll save $2 in booking fees.

And I -may- be going to some of it. Not sure yet.

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