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Connecting the actors game

Postby Unknown » Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:27 pm

Here’s a new game I thought of.

At the start of the round someone
picks two actors/actress who have never appeared in the same film or TV
show. Each turn you must name a different film/TV show that starred the most
recently named actor and name another actor who also starred in that
film/TV show. This can include animated features if they played a
character’s voice. The round is won by the person who is able to make
the connection back to the first named actor, and then that player can
nominate the two for the next round. Try not to name obscure actors who
only appeared in a small number of films.

For example (and I hope I haven’t messed this up):


Round 0:

Actor 1: Bruce Willis

Actor 2: Keanu Reeves

(I’m fairly sure these two haven’t appeared in the same feature at any time)

(The next player in the round has to nominate a film with Keanu Reeves and then another actor from that film)


Keanu Reeves – Speed (1994)

Another star in the same film: Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock - Miss Congeniality (2000)

Another star in the same film: Michael Caine


Michael Caine – Batman Begins (2005)

Another star in the same film: Gary Oldman


Gary Oldman – The Fifth Element (1997)

Another star in the same film: Bruce Willis

Round 0 won!

I’ll let whomever posts first name the two actors/actress for round 1.

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