Trip to Mulbrings mountains! (warning 56k users)

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Drake, Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:52 pm

So thought it would be fun to make a random trip out and about yesterday. I went with my friend Dan, so was even more fun! I think the mountain I went up is named Mt Vincent, i COULD be wrong. The target location was called "PaulRoche-Don'tJumpWithoutWings", as marked on Google Earth. Typing in " NSW, Brunkerville" will get you to it, DJWW is to the left and down a little (as on the little marker). I had been lead up there before [a while ago] by a friend that I know from work, really nice bloke! But I was shown how to get up via a random location with no path, through hes property and another. I found on google earth a different path, worked out well when we arrived.
The real reason of the trip was not really that random. It was to map out areas, locations for me to search in the future for ant specimens.

The weather was pretty dull. But was not a bad thing! Was not really raining, so that was great. With the mountain being as high as the clouds, you could see the cloud roll over the mountain. Would roll through trees and the path, was very clear. Great misty effect, I think it was better then if it were a clear day!
Due to the weather, the photos did not come out to clear. It was damp and pretty easy to get drops of water on the cam, so some were rushed. I figure a dry cam is a happy cam. One of the "could of been a good" photo(s), was when we found a cute little hovel type cave dwelling. I got a shot of me sitting with my back to the camera, pretty much saying "I live in a cave leave me be ^.=.^". Would of been a good shot as well, but came out pretty rotten :( . Not really worth posting.

I also got footage that came out not bad. I did not feel the need to post THAT though... But if you feel the need, I posted it on my facebook (if for some reason it cannot be found, just ask and I can link it). Basically, its me in my environment having fun. Just being myself, bit strange, weird, little immature, and maybe a little sprinkle of a nutcase. I know not everyone has a humor like mine, so left it out of the topic. But I am always talking about how I keep to myself, and probably shy. So there is a video of the more happy open me! Its not like there was anyone else around, and I am with one of my best mates as well! I had great fun ^.=.^.
Kinda off topic, but I do like seeing how I look on camera. Like when you record your voice, and it sounds different (is that really me?). At one point I even GIGGLED! I never noticed that... And I did not noticed I kept making sound effects ._.".

Pretty much starting the hike up. Photo of Dan.

This shot is when we were coming back down. More or less a before and after shot, showing the weather being a little better. Photo again of Dan


Me on my boulder. Dose not look it, but if I slipped off, there was a good chance I would also be slipping off the mountain as well!

Being as high as the clouds the view was, well, dull... This is the location I wanted to reach, DJWW. Shot of Dan once again.

This shot was taken when I first went up. Its pretty much a photo to compare, with cloud, and without.

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Yaps, Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:38 am

Nice image! Specially that last one.

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