Chimera hunt - short story attempt.

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Wererstritchy, Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:14 am

and will try to make it fun for me, so I can complete it in a month. Feel free to comment about the story itself, ideas, and help if you're offering.>>

The gun's were getting useless. They were starting to weigh down on the belts of the few who were still stupid enough to carry them. We brought extra people for this reason, and upped the price tag respectively. If they weren't grumbling then, they were now.

I turned around, stopping the group. I tapped a modified boomerang on my hand, “Believe us now?”

The men, all human looked at me. The ones with guns were the only ones giving me dirty looks. It was expected, but it bothered me all the same. I decided to draw the line here.

“This is your last chance to send back your weapons, or claim any discount back. Hand-held crossbows, composite bows and spring loaded bows are fine, but your guns are going to be useless.”
I was the most experienced person here, and not completely human anymore. I had a simple bow, light to carry, easy to maintain and duplicate, but nowhere near as effective as a proper composite bow. This did in a pinch, though, and that’s what mattered most to me. As people showed resistance on their decision, I gripped my right hand, the one I notch arrows with, and felt it’s strange shape that I was still getting used to.

One of the men gave up, and handed their gun rudely to the packer, the guy we hire mostly to carry our stuff, or in this case, to carry stuff back. The other two took longer, and the last guy, the one I bet was going to get injured first, adamantly refused to let go of his glock, “No way,” he kept repeating, despite having trouble keeping his pants up.

“Last chance,” I reminded, but he still didn’t give it up. “Fine, one more step, deposit’s gone, we’ll be here with you, but if things get worse, you will be kept back. You follow our orders. Clear?” I spoke with authority. Despite this, I was nervous, this meant our job would be harder, we may have to back off if things get too testy. The packer would have to stay just a little bit longer, just in case. His load was incredibly slim.

The packer, Todd, looked at me, but I tried to stay focussed on the guy, staring him down with a neutral expression. He stared back at me, eyes full of fire. I could see the battle going in his mind, his expressions I’d seen when I briefed him before about holding a gun, during all three sessions.

Finally, he took a step forward, gun still with him. I had to make a choice here now. I wanted the packer to stay, but at the same time, he’d not be helpful. This guy, with his stupid comb-over hair and ridiculous but fitting name ‘Richard’, was determined. I would give him that, so, the packer was best off going.

“Skeeve,” I say, looking to one of my own men, he was an all-rounder with stuff, valuable, but in this case, I wanted Todd to get back safely in case we needed help.

He looked up and I gestured to Todd, “Right-o,” he said without hesitance. Good, this guy I could work with.

I let a ghost of a smile creep up on me, “The rest of us, Three to two. Savvy, Dove and Asher, you stick to Richard and Josh, Rest of you are the fallback group. Hang left until we reach milestone. Richard,” I said, looking at him directly, “You get first shot, back off immediately in case something happens.”
His eyes met mine, this was obviously something he didn’t like, but at least he let his pride back off this time, “Yes, Fox.”
This was an acceptable nickname for me. New, but acceptable. It still struck my nerve, and I clenched the digits on my right hand that were distinctly not human. Normally, I’d hide the bright orange fur with a glove or something else, but I needed to be on my toes, and I needed as little restriction as possible on my hand.

With as few words as possible, we trecked through. I called Savvy up a few times, me swapping with him while he led. His hair was tucked away neatly, only ever down on drinks night. I remember watching him lead countless times to targets, he’s got a knack that guy.

It was when we were swapping to let me lead that he noticed something was wrong. A hunch, or something else caught his attention. He froze. All my guys stopped too, the newcomers trudged on a few more seconds, Richard struggling with that stupid gun still slapped onto his hip. He was holding it, and I’m sure his pride was all that was keeping the gun to him.
“Richard,” I said slowly, evenly, waiting for his eyes to meet mine, they did. “Get your gun armed, aim true.”
I could feel the twitching in my hand, not from the excitement from the hunt, but an unnatural twitch that came about whilst in the proximity of a Chimera. I was tempted to move, but I needed to rely on my team. We’re here to protect these guys, and hopefully land them a kill and a trophy with none of us going under.

I had seven people here who I trusted, three for every two newcomers, and one spare. I was the spare. They would organise their own little lead, groups of five, two of them. I was to provide support, skipping from one team to the other. It was dangerous work for me, as I had to jump out and jump in the groups, but this was also where things got fun.

My heart raced as Richard nodded, and raised the weapon, aiming to be ready for firing at a moments notice. My hands slowly drew to my bow and an arrow, notching it, ready for flight. The bright orange fur on my hand tickling my cheek.

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