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Wererstritchy, Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:18 am

This is for people who are interested in writing. There was a writing panel during RivFur, and there was a group discussion about worlds, and making worlds for an anthology. An anthology is a collection of written works. Basically, Jaffa books wants us furries to pour our creations into the written word, send to them for editing to put into one big book. Doesn't that sound cool?!

The deadline is end of February which is still a while away... BUT, if you don't start about now, you'll never finish your story!

For people who want to write, but are unsure what to write about, get stuck or what have you, please contact me on this thread for help or motivation. I'm going to be writing my own few short story for the book, or maybe a longer one, about 4k words is a difficult enough challenge! Let's all see if we can add to this book!

World de-tails! (Get it? Get it?)



Two continents.

Three month voyage between them.

Incense is burnt to create smoke, which is in turn used for magic/alchemy.

Incense is only found in the New World.

A religious war used all the incense in the Old World, where it is now just a myth/legend.

Natives do not use incense to its full potential.


One large Old World Empire.

Aging ruler who no longer has public appearances – either dead or dying.

A power struggle is brewing as people seek to control the Empire as the ruler is losing

control of his advisors (if still alive).

A mixture of Mammalian species.

Pantheon of Gods stolen from conquered enemies (see Roman Empire).

Many of the Gods are avian in nature, so they view the New World natives as a new kind of God.

Steampunk-style era technology.


Colonists breaking away from the Old World are unaware of the power struggle back home.

They face many new struggles and dangers.

Native Aztec/Atlantean style culture.

Possible slave trade between the colonists and natives (sex trade?)

No God: concept of spiritual energy.

Lizard-people with physical-based caste system.

- Wings = noble class.

- No wings = commoner.

- Limbless/Naga style = slave race.

Flooding is becoming a problem due to excessive incense burning.

Advanced mystical and peaceful technology.

No one ruler: a council of guilds oversees.

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Wererstritchy, Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:47 am

That sounds very cool indeed but I will need some motivation from Stritchy. ^__^

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Wererstritchy, Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:22 pm

What motivation would you like? There's a few things to get started on, firstly, how long you expect to work for. If you want a BIG goal, 4k words is an achievable amount, still very big and difficult to take on, but it's one that gets a small story across, and better yet, it gets done! Everyone sees the big elaborate stories, and yes, those are nice, but they are very difficult for the beginner to complete.

Do you want to try making a thread at some point that will allow you to post parts of the story? With the new forums, we won't have this capping words problem, due to the formatting of how things are entered in, rather than the actual content of the words. That there is exciting.

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