Nazi Furs - Your Opinion?

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FoxTailedCritter, Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:37 am

Ok first off, I know im posting in an old thread~! {So don't bother telling meh} I just don't want to make another thread when there is one here~! :wp:

Anyways i am a nazi fur, And my fursona is often depicted as one. {Most pictures are offline though.}
Also my opinion on other nazi furs are good, As long as they ain't going to be racist, Bigotry, ect towards another group im happy to hang with them. :D

Most of the nazi furs i have had the pleasure to met irl are not racist and are great to talk to and have a vast knowledge about war, The uniforms and much more.
I am currently thinking about getting a partial fursuit and wearing a ss uniform, But taking off the swastika and some badges to be less offensive. {Still not sure.} ^_^';

TL;DR version: I am a nazi fur, Not all nazi furs are bad and i might get a ss uniform for a fursuit.
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