What is your fursona/scaliesona and how did its name come to

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hughie522, Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:26 pm

My sona is a lizard / sloth / bat / poodle hybrid; a bit of a flustercuck I know :3.

Here's my ref (it's SFW; I have a NSFW that's a bit more polished which I won't share here):

He's called Hughie because, well, my FA name is hughie522. That was a handle that I used all over the place when I was in my teens and it just kinda stuck. Some people call me by my nickname Slothy, which derives from "sloth bat", which my BF chose to describe my sona's species (even though I'm more of a lizard sloth with bat elements :P).

I had 2 previous sonas, neither of which really suited me. One was a skunk / bear and the other was a crow with inverted colours. I developed Hughie with encouragement from my BF, who's a complex hybrid himself (dingo, thylacine, snake and monkey). We basically chose our favourite aspects of various animals we liked. I find that most people either go with a single animal with generic colours and unique accessories like hair, jewellery, tatts and so on or a single animal with a unique colour scheme. The first is hard if (like me) you're not great of thinking of those sorts of little details, and you'd be surprised how many of the 'good' colour combinations are already taken. So I went for this third option :).

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ChronoMcCloud, Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:25 pm

my fursona Chrono McCloud or Chrono The Fox is based of chrono shido and foxmccloud. they represent who I am who I want to be.

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Furrhan Blackwood, Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:31 pm

Sounds quite cool, Chrono!
Frostwood Forever! <3

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