Segregation in the furry fandom

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Segregation in the furry fandom

Postby EldarichkMane » Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:57 pm

That said, I'm not going to say that someone fapping to cub porn is a good person, because they're not. It's wrong. But if they claim to identify with the fandom on a personal level, I'm no authority to say that they don't. They're still a Fur...they're just one of the fringe sickos.[/quote]

Have to disagree here. Fantasy is really open to anyone and anything, is perfectly harmless and perfectly legal, unless of course you'd like to bring in the thought police. The labels you attach to them are misguided and, IMO, reactionary and unhelpful. One can have thoughts which are contrary to common good, know that it's wrong to act on them, and conduct themselves appropriately. In summary: it's not wrong, and the act alone in no way makes them a bad person.[/quote]
Okay, I will concede that "bad person" may be a step or two too far. Still, though, you have to admit that them ACTING on what is contrary to the common good is the point. I can't monitor what a person thinks. And frankly, more days than not, I'd rather not know. But it's the ACT that offends and taints one's perception of them.

But if they claim to change, cool. I'll treat them as if they have and put it behind the both of us.

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