Are we hypocrits in the furry fandom?

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Are we hypocrits in the furry fandom?

Postby Wererstritchy » Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:34 am

There was a little radio segment done, recorded during furjam, and it got me thinking. Please read everything before commenting.

The majority of furries were happy with everything except one thing, the mention of porn.

As a fandom, we are not new to porn, it happens every fandom. But what i find the strangest is that there are people who are like 'i don't want us to be seen as people that like porn'. This i can understand, but I also have the other side to look at. Most of these people, if not all of them, endorse porn in some way.

We are a very open and tolerant fandom. Things that aren't cannon can be added and chopped and changed so easily. We almost always have come up with our own unique characters, and an average of two 'fursonas' are made per fan. We change, we add, we look at new and creative things.

Yet we don't want to admit it.

This is now not just about porn, as much as I want to open that can of worms, but how we are so creative, open and friendly. We want others to join in and share this fun with us. But, we don't. Because we don't want to change something.

The fandom isn't about one person, it's about a lot of people. There can be no fandom if there are no fans. We need each other. We din't want to open this fandom to others, because there is this 'dark side' to them. Why don't we change that? What's wrong? Are we ashamed of liking things?

Sometimes, it's because we don't expect others to change. As a salesman, people can be changed, they can be made angry, they can be made mellow with a few well placed words. To gain confidence in those words, we gotta do something to change ourselves. If you don't want people saying 'it's all about the porn', then do other things that don't go near the porn. Volunteer. Perform.

Show some part of you that others want to see. Be successful, study, make a great project. Stick your neck out for people. Do good.

That's what this sums down to. Do good. Do good, then those words you say will be the truth, you will be convinced, the others will lbe convinced. Perspectives change.

Do good.

Do it.

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Re: Are we hypocrits in the furry fandom?

Postby Marcwolf » Sat Oct 04, 2014 2:35 pm

I think some of the issues comes with perception. As an older fur I'll put my 2 bits in here.

1. People may not realize it but cartoon were not made to be kid's only. is a classic example that if shown today would have people screaming. Likewise the short lived "Father of the Pride" which has a LOT of adult humor and adult situations>
Sadly "Father of the Pride" raised the ire of people who think that cartoon style animals should be cute and for kiddies only.

2. Warner Bros - their cartoons did step a little towards the adult side with lots of instances of character cross-dressing to pull the wool over another's eyes. Like Bugs Bunny foiling Elmer Fudd by pretending to be female. But as those cartoons were made in the early 1960's and before it likewise points to the change of perspective. Many of those instances would be censored or cause concern nowadays.

3. I remember my dad laughing and enjoying the Looney Tunes. These were cartoons that acted on both levels of humor.. Both adults and also Children. Sometime it was almost as watching too separate story lines. However as the education rates in US went down so id the capacity ir seems for people to follow more than one thread. Whether this is true of the main populations.. or the perception of the producers I am still not sure.. But the multilayer of humor has become more infrequent and that a greater separation between what is 'Adult' and what is 'Childlike'.

4. As a population we are rarely introduced mainstream to Japanese animation that is fairly 'sexual' in it's context. Scantily dress girls, handsome young boys, and of course the 'nose bleed' should one of these boys meet the girls.

So - to add these all together - the perception is that if it is a cartoon, or cute and furry - then it is aimed at children.

Now add in CosPlay which is getting more bandwidth in our country re Supanova and some of the cartoons. We see people dress up in very revealing costumes like their character which cause confusion in the masses. If this character dresses like this then how can it be a kid's cartoon. But as mentioned - these cartoons are not often in the mainstream of viewing.

As I explain to Cosplayers and other.. Furries do not take an existing character and imitate it. We create our own, often with all the wants and desires that we hope for ourselves. That may work out well with young adolescence whose life experience generally do not involve sexual matters. But as adults - we are not constrained by that.. Our characters are generally adults, who have friends, relationships, and yes.. lovers. Which bring us into a public conflict being

a) Cute and Furry.. - aimed at children and innocence
b) Acting adult .. - flirting, hugging, teasing, and more adult like.

Remember the outrage when over in the French Disneyland someone too a picture in the character changing room and caught the character having a playful adult banter. No.. Not Sex - just the normal friendly teasing of a group of co-workers. But as they were dressed as Disney Characters - outrage was raised.

To quip :-
In a child's book where they were throwing a party for all of their furrie friends there would be a party with cakes, drinks, sweets, and games.
In an adult situation - being fur's - there would be hugs, cuddles, playful flirting, and all of the things that many furries do when with others.

And so the public perception gets distorted because we don;t fit the visual mold. A fury character that is and plays as an adult.
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Postby mani » Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:04 pm

Meh it happens
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Re: Are we hypocrits in the furry fandom?

Postby Normandy » Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:02 pm

I think being very mindful the average Joe thinks the dressing up is a little odd, let alone the sexual path that some take. There's a time and place for everything. Think we all know what is or isn't appropriate in public. And if people don't - there lies the issue, not the fact it happens. Not being hypocrites, just being considerate.
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Re: Are we hypocrits in the furry fandom?

Postby FoxTailedCritter » Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:31 pm

I enjoy both the adult side and child friendly side of the fandom.
I doubt I am a hypocrite because I acknowledge not everyone likes the adult side nor is into it and vice versa.

If someone brings it up I do admit there is an adult side that part of the fandom is into, but I do mention that not everyone is into it.
Everything you say or do has ripple effects....
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Re: Are we hypocrits in the furry fandom?

Postby Orithan » Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:05 am

The "It's not all about the sex" banter furries make I would presume is made to attempt to combat the media stereotype for furries (not anthropomorphic animals, but the fandom). Media has stereotyped us all to be sex-crazed lunatics, which shows through various programs I've seen. For a lot of furries, this is not far from the truth. But as Werestritchy has said, Furries are not the only sexualized fandom by a longshot. Pretty much all fandoms I know that are dominated by young adults (eg. MLP, pretty much anything Nintendo-related esp. Pokemon, etc) have a big sexualized side to them.
The difference between furries and those fandoms is that furries make up a broad group; covering pretty much anything relating to anthropomorphic animals, that is collectively much larger than most fanbases for individual franchises like MLP and therefore make a much louder noise than them. Furries are also more openly sexual than most other fanbases and, with sex being taboo, they get the brunt of the media's distaste when they show up.

My two cents.
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Re: Are we hypocrits in the furry fandom?

Postby LoneWolf2770 » Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:46 pm

There really is an adult side to the Fandom, but like Orithan said, when something bad happens it tends to ruin what some people think of us furries. And then again,not everyone acts sexually towards other people in the fandom, but the people who do are more open with their feelings. I really don't think we are hypocrites, this is just how the fandom works. There will always be a good side and a bad side of things, it's just how life works...

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