PodCasts you Recommend.

Unknown, Mon May 06, 2013 12:41 pm


Is there any PodCasts you listen to or Recommend? (They can be both anthro or not anthro.)
For those wondering what a podcast is.. Google it. It's basically like TV shows just on mic instead of TV..

Some podcasts i recommend would be:

*ActFur On Air
This is a geeky anthro podcast, They're funny and talk about most events that are popping up in the fandom. Plus a bonus is they're all Australian, so they do talk about fur meets and cons that are here.

*RadioLab (You will learn so much from this its amazing.)
Like one episode there topic was "falling" So they talked about falling in love and the science behind it, Talked about the theory of actually falling, how far someone can fall without dying and more. They're pretty kewl. x'D

*K***Cast (For mature people only) ^^;'
This is for people in the fandom who need adult advice on dating tips, and more.
I can't say much here but they're good to listen to if you need those kind of tips. {18+}

So yeah if there is any pod casts you like just say em, Because i like to listen to stuff while studying/working.

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