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Furrhan Blackwood, Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:20 pm

As some of you may have seen by now, we've created a new thread to introduce people to the forums. This thread includes a set of rules for the forums, effective immediately. These rules are the same rules that have already been enforced but now they have been written down.

Now is your chance to provide feedback on the rules. Is there anything you do or don't like about them? Are there any more rules that you want or any rules that you don't want? You can let us know here or via PM or via email at

Here is the new thread, and I've copied the rules below for your perusal.

Furstralia Code of Conduct:

  • Please be civil and respectful. Trolling, flaming, spamming, abuse and harassment are not allowed.
  • Please do not derail threads.
  • Please refrain from profanity as there may be younger users on the boards.
  • All NSFW and explicit material is to be kept exclusively in the adult section. This includes advertising for characters in or commissions of NSWF or explicit artwork even if the artwork itself is not posted.
  • Do not mini-mod. If you have a problem with a user please contact one of our staff or use the report button (found on the top right corner of every post) and we will deal with the situation as appropriate.
  • If you disagree with a decision made by a staff member you may contact said staff member in private and enquire as to why the decision was made. If you are not happy with how the staff member handled your case you may contact any other staff member and we shall review your case in conjunction with our colleagues. Decisions based on case reviews are final. It is inappropriate to make a public fuss and derail a thread because of a staff decision.
  • Illegal activities whether on, against or organised on this forum are not allowed. Relevant authorities will be contacted if required in the event of illegal activity being discovered.
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